Valor Point Gear Priorities


Today I’d like to go over some Valor Point gear priorities for raiding Resto Druids. We’ve had been into Patch 4.3 for a few weeks now and and have been collecting that precious currency that lets us get even more EPIC gear. This is gear that will mostly be upgrades for me personally so your priorities might differ depending on your content and current gear levels. My Valor Point priorities revolve around Druids working on Normal-mode Dragon Soul. For a list of all 4.3 loot available to Resto Druids, please take a look at my 4.3 Resto Druid Gear Guide.

First off, I came fresh off the Normal-mode T12 bandwagon, so my gear is mostly 378 gear. If you are in Heroic T12 this guide may not help you very much unless you are willing to sacrifice set bonuses. For new players who haven’t done Firelands, ALL VP gear is up for grabs as they are all significant upgrades.

My first buy: Woundlicker Cover Cost: 1250 VP

Why: It’s our only cape upgrade. There are no capes that drop in Dragon Soul so it’s a very safe first purchase. Your loot priorities can easily be skewed depending on your drops in the Raid Finder and Normal-mode Dragon Soul. I highly recommend that you make this your first purchase.


My second buy: Fungus-Born Gloves Cost: 1650 VP

Why: They are BiS for ilvl 397. If you are lucky and get the tier piece in the Raid Finder, then you might want to move towards my 3rd purchase, but I heavily advice you to use these gloves. They will help make it easier to reach the 2005 Haste breakpoint and also provide a better socket. Your tier 4pc bonus should be made up by your Helm, Shoulders, Legs, and Robes. If tier gloves drop and you are raiding with your guild, they are likely better off going to someone else.


My third buy: Boots of Fungoid Growth Cost: 1650 VP

Why: Again, they are BiS for ilvl 397. Our option from Ultraxion is pretty lackluster (even considering the nice sockets). Crit just doesn’t cut it for us, at least not when Haste is readily available.


My fourth buy: Lightning Spirit in a Bottle Cost: 700 VP

Why: We have no Relic options that drop in Dragon Soul, so this will be our best option. It’s another “safe purchase” that you can be assured you won’t be wasting your VP.


Sometimes we don’t get lucky with drops and it takes WEEKS to get setup for the right gear. Sometimes our 2005 Haste breakpoint forces us into upgrades that are not always optimal from a socket/bonus perspective. Here are a list of some decent VP options for Druids who are on the Dragon Soul’s “do not drop” list. These options are almost as good as their BiS alternatives.

Band of Reconstruction- Ring

Bottled Wishes- Trinket

Belt of Universal Curing- Waist

Mindbender Lens- Relic

Helmet of Perpetual Rebirth- Helm

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  1. Wish I’d had this a week ago. I hate maths and figuring out which piece to go offset with took me like an hour to figure out. Lamentably, the gloves were actually the first thing to drop for me in the LFR tool. Saves me some valor points for now, though.

    Good list, though.

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