PTR: Cenarion Ward Math


*Updated after more evaluation. Cenarion Ward is not affected by Haste.

I was bored today and decided to do some napkin math for the improved Cenarion Ward:

Spellpower= 28,000 (just a little under what I currently run fully-buffed in raids).


Cenarion Ward- Protects a friendly target, causing any damage taken to heal the target for 6174 (+ 57% of SpellPower) every 2 sec for 6 sec. Gaining the healing effect consumes the Cenarion Ward. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Lasts 30 sec

Mana Cost: 60,000*.148= 8,880 mana per cast
6,174 + (28,000*.57)= 22,134 per tick

3(ticks)*22,134= 66,402 total healing done over 6 seconds
HpM: 66,402/8,880= 7.47


Cenarion Ward- Protects a friendly target, causing any damage taken to heal the target for 12349 (+ 104% of SpellPower) every 2 sec for 6 sec. Gaining the healing effect consumes the Cenarion Ward. Useable in all shapeshift forms. Lasts 30 sec.

Mana Cost: 60,000*.148= 8,880 mana per cast
12,349 + (28,000*1.04)= 41,469 per tick

3(ticks)*41,469= 124,407 total healing done over 6 seconds
HpM: 124,407/8,880= 14.0

For other HpM References:

Rejuvenation: 7.9
Healing Touch: 4.06
Wild Growth (no SotF): Between 13.1 and 15.7

So what does this all mean?

Cenarion Ward would become one of the most efficient spells available. The one deterrence for this ability will be its overhealing. But I feel if used smartly (such as on Protectors for Lightning Prison targets) the healing done could outweigh the overhealing. If used on CD this ability will now do double the healing of Nature’s Swiftness, but with a mana cost.

5.2 PTR updates and re-examining Force of Nature


*Updated to reflect official PTR notes.

The 5.2 PTR patch notes have just dropped and we have some updates to numerous Resto Druid abilities:

Unfortunately this doesn’t solve CW’s main problem which is overhealing.

This is something that many Druids have been advocating for on the forums. Rejuv is our workhorse for raid healing, but due to its high mana cost it is very hard to blanket the raid for big damage. Hopefully this lets us cast it on a few more targets for big damage.

So we can’t spam it? We already can’t use it in combat. This change hardly matters.

PvP funsies?

  • Displacer Beast no longer activates Prowl, but instead increases movement speed by 50% for 4 sec.

This is technically a nerf to Resto PvP, mainly in arena. DB was a great escape card that kept you hidden after you dispelled yourself of all Magic effects. The bonus speed is a nice getaway bonus for all specs.

YES! It only took 6 months of whining and it worked! What was once a terrible talent for all specs turns into a really good choice for all specs. Go my Druids! Go and root as many Rogues and Warriors as possible!

  • Nature’s Vigil is now on a 1.5 min CD, down from 3 min and now increases healing done by 10%, down from 20%. Duration is unchanged.

I think the reason behind this change was that Nature’s Vigil was too much like Incarnation, so much so that many Druids just combined both abilities on CD. This breaks it up a bit giving us an ability that we have access to more often. I really like this change.

Making Soul of the Forest more powerful? That’s a bit risky given how powerful our 4pc bonus is combined with it. I’ll need to run some numbers but it should definitely grant us another tick or 2 of Wild Growth.

  • And finally, Force of Nature received a buff to healing.

Or did it? Initial number crunching suggests that Force of Nature’s healing was increased by about 30%. However, I noticed something:

“Each treant will heal a nearby injured ally for 3201 to 3779 (+ 32.3% of SpellPower) every 3 sec.”

Now compare to the current tooltip:

“Heals one of the most injured nearby friendly targets for 2134 to 2519 (+ 21.5% of SpellPower).” Cast time 2.5 sec.

Currently, Treants take a baseline cast (no Haste) of 2.5 seconds to get 1 cast of Healing Touch off. This new build suggests Treants will take .5 seconds longer to get a cast off.

So what about the numbers? Lets get to it:

Lets pull some basic numbers off the armory. I’ll use my own Druid as a reference.

Spellpower: 22893

Haste: 12.52% (lets assume I have the 5% Haste buff present)

On Live

22893*.215= 4922 + 2134 = 7056 per Treant per cast

7056*3= 21168 combined for 3 Treants casting

Now, how many times can the Treants cast during their 15 second duration?

2.5*.1552= .388 off the cast time of 2.5 seconds

2.5-.388= 2.112 cast time

2.112*7=14.784 seconds (just a hair under 15)

Your 3 Treants can cast 7 times (assuming no interruptions) at the 3043 Haste breakpoint.

7*21168= 148,176 healing done every minute


22893*.323= 7394 + 3201= 10595 per Treant cast

10595*3= 31785 combined for 3 Treants casting

Now, how many times can the Treants cast during their 15 second duration?

3*.1552= .4656 off the cast time of 3 seconds

3-.4656= 2.5344

2.5344*5= 12.672 seconds (6 times ends up at 15.2064 seconds which could be reduced to 15 seconds with excess Haste.)

Your 3 Treants can cast 5 times (assuming no interruptions) at the 3043 Haste breakpoint.

5*31785= 158,925 healing done every minute

If you can get the Healing Touch cast time below 2.5 seconds you can achieve the 6th “tick” of Healing Touch. The amount of Haste needed is relatively minor (in the neighborhood of 100-200 over 3043). This totals to:

6*31785= 190,710 healing done every minute


Live: 148,146

PTR 5 ticks: 158,925

PTR 6 ticks: 190,710

Sticking with 5 ticks the PTR version of Force of Nature is 7% more powerful than the current one, hardly worth getting excited about. However, with 6 ticks the PTR version is 23% more powerful than the Live version.


With 6 ticks, Force of Nature can do 572,130 every 3 minutes. That’s fairly close to Incarnation. Not only that, Force of Nature has very little overheal since it’s smart and costs no mana. The HpS on the Live version of Force of Nature fully-buffed has averaged out to be around 12k for me for the duration. With 6 ticks this new one will be around a 15-16k HpS increase for the caster.

So what does all this math mean? First off: I don’t recommend Force of Nature with the base 5 ticks at 3043. A 7% increase is paltry and much of the Haste is wasted for trying to hit the 6th tick.


Force of Nature with 6 ticks is powerful and I think it’s finally on par with Incarnation. It’s more accessible, it’s smart, and it’s free. The small 100-200 Mastery/Crit tradeoff for the extra Haste to reach the 6th tick is fairly negligible and the tradeoff is a pretty large boost to FoN’s output.

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