Do we need a new Mastery?


I ask this question because quite frankly I find Harmony to be one of the most boring healer Masteries available now. It requires absolutely no upkeep with its longer duration. It’s just bonus healing and that bonus healing isn’t even interesting to watch or manage. Continue reading »

Symbiosis: Healer abilities that we might want

So with the official unveiling of the new Level 87 talent called Symbiosis Druids are wondering what types of abilities might be available to “copy” and how useful they will be for us. Symbiosis might prove to be incredibly difficult to balance because of the vast amount of combinations that will be available. Continue reading »

Pondering Healing Mushrooms

At Blizzcon, it was announced that Druids will be receiving a healing version of the current Wild Mushroom spell that is mainly used by Balance Druids as part of their AoE rotation. The idea of healing mushrooms was originally thought up by Lissanna over at Restokin. In fact, she was the one who asked the Class Q&A panel about our toolkit going into Mists of Pandaria. I can’t help but laugh because when Lissanna came back from asking her question we went straight into theorycrafting (practically ignoring the rest of the panel) and giggling like little schoolgirls. I loved it. Continue reading »

I’m a Lazy Druid

Yesterday Blizzard hosted a Class Design & Balance Q&A session. Players were given the chance to ask a question and various CM’s and Designers were able to provide feedback on what’s in store for the next expansion for each class. And while 50% of the questions asked pertained to Warlock pets (I hate you all) we got some insight on future abilities and spells for Restoration Druids. So here are the questions and their appropriate responses! Continue reading »

Mists of Pandaria: Talent Preview for Restoration Druids

Just like my recent Priest talent review, I’ll be going over the current talents for Druids and will be looking at them from a Restoration point of view. Be aware that these talents are in no way permanent and could be changed at any time. Continue reading »