Resto Druid Casual PvP Guide

Welcome to my Casual PvP guide! Here I’ll be going over some basic knowledge of Resto Druid PvP with an emphasis on Battlegrounds. I’ve mainly done BGs throughout my PvP career and I have dabbled in arena, but we’ll leave the arena stuff to the professionals. Here you’ll find information on stat priorities for PvP, preferred gear information, gemming and enchants, and some general tips to help keep you alive.


Your talent build can vary in different ways. For my random battlegrounds I use this build.

Tier 1

Feline Swiftness- The passive movement speed is OK, but your goal is to get away from enemies ASAP. I wouldn’t recommend this talent for PvP.

Displacer Beast- This talent is very popular, particularly in arena. By using Nature’s Cure followed by Displacer Beast, assuming you have no Bleed affects, you essentially can Vanish every 30 seconds. Very powerful for getting away from enemy DPS.

Wild Charge- Wild Charge is a great PvP ability as it’s versatility allows you to use it in many ways. In Travel Form, you leap 20 yards forward which can be very helpful for flag running. In caster form you can fly to a nearby ally. You can also use your Wild Mushrooms to Wild Charge to which gives you high flexibility with their placement.

Tier 2

Nature’s Swiftness- An extremely powerful PvP ability. It has a low 1 minute CD and is extremely versatile in the sense that we can use it offensively or defensively. It’s great for instant Cyclone and Healing Touch spells.

Renewal- I wouldn’t recommend this talent simply because the healing it provides is equivalent to Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch. That combo is more versatile and is available twice as often.

Cenarion Ward- While the healing it provides is nice, it just doesn’t measure up to Nature’s Swiftness.

Tier 3

Faerie Swarm- This spell can be helpful as it turns your Faerie Fire into a ranged snare with no cooldown. It can be helpful for kiting melee or snaring a healer.

Mass Entanglement- The lengthy cooldown on this ability makes it mediocre considering how easy roots are broken in MoP.

Typhoon- My favorite ability. Not only can it give you some breathing room, it can also be used to interrupt casters.

Tier 4

Soul of the Forest- This talent seems powerful at first, but when you look at our playstyle and how other classes counter it, you’ll find it to be lacking. Buffing our HoTs with Haste is great, but the amount of offensive dispels we deal with don’t make it very ideal.

Incarnation- My 1st choice for this tier. Tree of Life gives you instant Regrowths which makes you near invincible for the duration unless you are stunned, silenced, or feared. The armor increase is great for melee and it lets you spread Lifebloom over multiple targets.

Force of Nature- This talent is interesting in the sense that your pets can heal you while you are stunned or silenced. But the healing they provide is so low it’s not really worth having them over Tree of Life.

Tier 5

Disorienting Roar- I find this ability to be a bit lackluster even given it’s lower cooldown. Disorient abilities are extremely easy to break and 3 seconds isn’t that long for an incapacitate ability.

Ursol’s Vortex- This talent is actually quite fun in Battlegrounds especially in bottleneck areas where there’s no way around it.

Mighty Bash- My main go-to talent for this tier. Having a stun is amazing for interrupting enemy healer/casters or getting away from an enemy melee player.

Tier 6

Heart of the Wild- My go-to talent for PvP. It’s not the extra stats that are the reason this is my favorite ability, those are just the cherries on top of the sundae. The main reason this is so powerful is because of Treecat. Becoming a melee DPS can really be powerful in clutch moments when you are trying to burst down an enemy healer or flag carrier. I wouldn’t recommend using Balance spells except Moonfire as getting interrupted while casting Wrath will lock you out of all your healing spells. Kitty is the much better alternative.

Dream of Cenarius- Don’t take this talent. It requires you to hard-cast Wrath to get the buff and that makes you susceptible to interrupts that lock you out of all your healing spells.

Nature’s Vigil- This is another talent that I don’t care much for. Why? IT CAN BE DISPELLED. Remember how angry Ret Paladins were when people dispelled or spellstole their wings? That’ll be you if you take this talent.



  • Glyph of Blooming
  • Glyph of Lifebloom
  • Options: Glyph of Stampede or Glyph of Barkskin
Note: Why not Glyph of Regrowth? The glyph looks very powerful, but it comes at a cost of flexibility. The HoT component of Regrowth can be coupled with Swiftmend for 2 powerful burst heals in a row. And with the amount of dispels there are in PvP you can’t always rely on Rejuvenation to be there for that clutch heal.


  • Glyph of Grace

The other 2 minor glyph slots are optional and don’t really change your gameplay.

Stat Priorities

Resilience > Intellect > Hit to 6% > Spirit > Mastery=PvP Power > Haste > Crit

Resilience is your best stat. It’s extremely important to focus on Resilience as a primary stat. Preventing damage from occurring is far more powerful and efficient then having to heal it up afterwards.

Intellect will be your second best stat. It increases your healing via Spellpower and slightly increases your Critical Strike chance.

Hit rating is extremely important. The hit cap for PvP is 6% and while some of our spells like Moonfire and Wrath are already hit-capped, our CC spells like Entangling Roots and Cylcone are not. We can’t risk those spells missing, so we need guarantee that they will land every time.

Spirit will be your primary secondary stat that you will be looking for on gear. Spirit increases your rate of mana regen and mana is very precious in PvP. An OoM Resto Druid is a dead Resto Druid.

The last 3 secondary stats are a bit up in the air, but I tend to prioritize Mastery. With the 4-piece Kodohide PvP bonus you can keep Harmony rolling with no downtime via a 13-second Swiftmend. It’s a pure throughput stat for your HoTs. The more your HoTs heal for, the less direct healing you will need to do which also means less of a chance of being interrupted.

PvP Power is a new stat for PvPers that can help boost your healing in all battlegrounds. I’m not exactly sure on the numbers, but my intial thoughts are that it is equal to Mastery in terms of throughput. PvP Power gems are blue, so seeing as Spirit is a bit more important right now, I probably wouldn’t gem for this stat right now.

With the last 2 stats I favor Haste over Crit. Why? First of all, I don’t focus on Haste for the breakpoints. While the breakpoints are a nice addition to our healing, it’s more about getting your direct heals off faster. Faster Regrowths mean less of a chance of getting interrupted.

Crit in comparison is lackluster because: 1. It’s unreliable and 2. Regrowth already has a high Crit chance.


Our options for gear have actually dwindled these past few PvP Seasons. Blizzard announced that PvP 2pc bonuses no longer stack which was a huge blow to Priests, Druids, and Shaman. No matter, we will work with what we have.

5 main pieces: Kodohide Helm, Kodohide Shoulders, Kodohide Chest, Kodohide Gloves, Wyrmhide Leggings.

Off pieces: Meditation is desired.



Weapon: Jade Spirit

Off-hand: Major Intellect

Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription

Back: Super Intellect

Chest: Super Resilience

Bracers: Super Intellect

Gloves: Superior Mastery

Waist: Living Steel Belt Buckle

Pants: Greater Cerulean Spellthread

Boots: Pandaren’s Step

Enchanters- Enchant your rings!


Meta: Revitalizing Primal Diamond

Red: Willful Vermillion Onyx

Yellow: Mystic Sun’s Radiance

Blue: Turbid Wild Jade


Learn your spell priorities

One of the biggest issues with Resto PvP is our ramp-up time. Stacking Lifebloom, casting Rejuvenation/Swiftmend all takes precious GCDs to get their full effect. To counter this, you need to prioritize your spells.

  • Light damage- Feel free to stack Lifebloom and then Rejuv.
  • Moderate damage- Rejuv then Swiftmend. Then stack Lifebloom.
  • Heavy damage- Regrowth, Swiftmend, Rejuv, then stack Lifebloom.

We are master kiters

Druids are the masters of kiting. Disentanglement allows us to escape snares/root effects by shifting into Travel Form. Be prepared to kite a lot, especially to get away from melee.


Druids have the best CC abilities of any healer. Between Cyclone and Entangling Roots we have the ability to interrupt casting and snare our enemies. Use these to disable your enemies and to kite!

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  1. Brilliant guide! This will be my ‘dabbling in PvP’ cribsheet. Only thing that could make it any better is making those enchant names show ;)

    1. Thanks! I think the enchant names not showing is a bug with how Wowhead is converting the tooltips (they recently updated their tooltips). Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough with HTML to figure out how to fix it. : / Hovering over the icon will show the enchant name tho!

  2. With crit beeing such a lackluster, why recomend all 5 Kodohide Main pieces? Wyrm-Legs+4 Kodo trades Crit for Mastery and Wyrm-Head+4 Kodo trades crit for haste and mastery?

    1. because when your healing crits still crit for a lot of HP, its not like dps when the resil debuffs the effect.. I get a crit on my restoration almost every time i pop NS, and when your teamate goes from 15k back to 300k its the greatest feeling ever.

  3. Uber-awesome post! Thanks. I used to do some light arena and BG about 3 years ago, Lich-King time. Had a 3-year pause and started again. Back in the days I could spam Regrowth like crazy, and couldn’t consume 50% of my mana pool. But man, things have changed. And by reading your post I just realized I was doing some things wrong.
    In Tier 5, however, I think I’d rather keep Disorienting Roar against Mighty Bash. In PVP everyone is on my ass, usually more than 1 player. Though those 3 seconds are indeed way too short, it is enough to get myself out of stun/daze/etc. and apply a rejuvenation+swiftmend. Plus if I have a rogue in my tail, the roar makes him stop, but for the MB I have to be facing him. Anyway, it is my choice so far.
    In T6 I will try your suggestion, just to make things even more complicated, because I like it that way (if I wanted simple, I would have rolled Holy Pala :)) ).

  4. I have always liked my druid but am not a very good one. This post helps be less sucky.

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