My own Mists of Pandaria talent tree

Did you know you could make your own Mists of Pandaria talent tree? No? Well get started here! It’s really a neat little application that lets you get all your ideas on your own version of the calculator. I recommend that you load the default calculator and then just modify/move talents around to your preference. You can check out MY version of the Druid talent calculator here.

So what did I change?

I left the majority of talents alone and only modified/changed ones that seemed the most controversial. Changes that I’ve included:

  • Displacer Beast- Now also purges DoT affects.

Let’s face it, the talent sucks without it.

  • Renewal- Removed. Added Natural Perfection.

Balance/Restoration/Feral: When you are a victim of a critical strike or take more than 10% of your health in damage you gain the Natural Perfection effect reducing all damage taken by 10%. Stacks up to 2 times. Lasts 8 sec.

Guardian: When a damaging attack brings you below 30% health you gain Natural Perfection reducing all damage taken by 20%. Lasts 8 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 45 seconds.

I wanted to bring some passive survivability to this tier. This gives us some extra choices regarding survivability. We can choose to have an instant heal/CC on cooldown or have some passive damage mitigation. Guardian will be a bit harder to tweak here.

  • Cenarion Ward- Reduced the cooldown to 15 seconds.

I want to see our single target output become more competitive with other healers in PvE. This talent has a lot of potential for tank healing Druids.

From here I switched tier 4 with tier 6.

  • Heart of the Wild- 3 minute cooldown, 25 second duration.  Temporarily grants you stats that dramatically assist you in fulfilling roles outside your spec:

Balance:  Your heals benefit from Eclipse and produce lunar or solar energy. In addition, your Wild Mushroom: Detonate spell transforms into Wild Mushroom: Bloom.

Feral:  Grants 95% armor in Bear Form, reduces the chance to be critically hit by 6%, and reduces all magical damage by 25%.

Guardian:  Increases your damage done by 25% while in Cat form.

Restoration:  Grants 100% of Spirit rating as hit rating, reduces the cast time of Wrath by .5 seconds, and increases all damage done by 30%.

I wanted to simplify this talent. It was just too complex and trying to make every spec be able to do every single role just doesn’t make much sense and is too hard to balance. Having each spec do 1 role outside their primary role still makes the talent provide interesting utility. Personally, I think being able to provide decent DPS when healing isn’t needed is great utility for a healer. Halving the cooldown and reducing the duration makes the talent more accessible.

  • Force of Nature- Removed. Replaced with Power of the Ancients: 3 minute cooldown.  Summons an Ancient of Lore to assist you. Ancient abilities depend on the Druid’s specialization. Usable in all forms.

Guardian- An Ancient shields you reducing all damage taken by 10% for 20 seconds.

Feral- An Ancient assists you causing melee damage. Each successful strike by the Ancient causes you to gain 1 combo point. Cannot be gained more than once every 2 seconds. Lasts 20 seconds.

Balance- An Ancient summons the wrath of Cenarius causing spell damage to 3 targets within 40 yards. In addition, your Starsurge causes 30% more damage to targets affected by Moonfire/Sunfire. Lasts 20 seconds.

Restoration- An Ancient comes to your aid, radiating a soothing aura that increases healing received by 30% for all allies within 40 yards. In addition, the Ancient casts Regrowth on 3 targets every 2 seconds. Lasts 20 seconds.

Ever wonder what those huge Ancients in Darnassus were just sitting around for? They were waiting for me to shove them in as a new Druid ability! Honestly, I think Force of Nature has worn out it’s welcome. While I’m sure the little treants will be missed I think summoning a huge hulking Ancient would be 100x more epic as a level 90 talent.

I wanted this talent to include damage/healing from the pet, but also give a reward for the player as well. For Restoration: I wanted to make sure the healing output could match Treeform even with it’s shorter duration. Having a passive healing aura increases your own healing so there’s less dependance on the pet for output, however, I still wanted the pet to contribute a bit of healing on it’s own.

I’m still working on some other talents (Soul of the Forest) and will update my calculator when ready. Overall, the biggest change is moving tier 4 to tier 6 which I think most people would agree is for the better. Our level 90 talents should be our best of the bunch and should augment our primary roles to encourage players to reach max level.

So, what do you think?

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  1. I’ve loved that you changed Feline Swiftness talent icon to a cat instead of a wolf. ;)

    I too think Displacer Beast needs the purge or some kind of protection to the stealth (just like Vanish). But it also buggs me that the teleport is forward. I’ve suggested it to be targeted. Powerful, but less automatic and takes skill to use properly.

    I think that passive damage mitigation will win hands down for Guardians. If it is in pair with the other two, why to bother with active mitigation if you can have a steady, constant passive damage reduction without having to worry about it? In this case, if it’s a sure choice for one spec, it is not ideal to have.

    Personally I think that Cenarion Ward SUCKS. At least, as much as Living Seed. We need something to prevent damage, not to pop out AFTER the target receives damage. I seriously think we could have something else to achieve a better tank healer modus operandi.

    I know it’s cheesy to refer to my own custom talent tree, but take a look at how I’ve dealed with HotW. Arielle on the forums liked it. ;)

    While Power of the Ancients is cool, we don’t know yet how FoN will work for each spec. So it might work exactly like you described, with you just introducing a cosmetic change from treeants to one Ancient of Lore. In addition, I seriously doubt Blizz would give anyone a giant pet. I think that the current ToL model is the closest thing we will ever see from an Ancient of Lore (it’s closer to an Ancient of Lore than to a Tree of Life from W3).

    On a plus note, I think we have WAAAAY too much CC talents. Liss suggested a fusion between the 2 tiers that I’ve also adopted. Take a look at it if you would like. ;)

    Great job man! :D



  2. Very nice! I love the changes you made to it :D I know what I will be messing with for a few days now ;)

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  4. I really like your suggestions. The changes you made to Heart of the Wild are great. It makes what was a very questionable and convoluted talent much more elegant. It also seems to fit much better in Tier 4 as opposed to Tier 6.

    Power of the Ancients also sounds great. It would make it very difficult to choose between that and Tree of Life (though Soul of the Forest would be left in the dust).

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