Messing around with Soul of the Forest and Dream of Cenarius

I just hit 90 on the Beta a little while ago and I’m starting to tinker with all the talents to get a feel for them. One think I’ve noticed is that there hasn’t been a lot of information regarding our 2 passive talents Soul of the Forest and Dream of Cenarius. I see that a lot of people are excited for our new level 90 cooldown, Nature’s Vigil. It’s a pretty fun talent, but I’ve found it’s primary purpose will be for your own personal throughput and that it’s damage/healing bonus is fairly lackluster.So what about those passive abilities?

Soul of the Forest

First off, lets understand what exactly Soul of the Forest provides for Resto:

Soul of the Forest- Aessina’s blessing grants a benefit which varies by your combat specialization.

  • Restoration:
    You gain 50% Haste for your next spell when you cast Swiftmend.

This Haste buff gets tacked onto your current Haste levels. Example: On the Beta I’m sitting at 7.76% Haste. With the buff active I can achieve 61.64% Haste (although I think it might be bugged since I’m about 3.88% Haste over the exact 50% that the talent states).

So why is this so interesting? Well, as any Cataclysm healer knows higher levels of Haste can give you extra ticks for your heal-over-time (HoT) spells and most of our group/raid heals are HoTs. Let’s take a look at the impact on one of our main healing spells, Wild Growth, assuming no Glyph of Wild Growth is used:

  • Without Soul of the Forest- 8 ticks/ 92,120 healing done over 6 seconds
  • With Soul of the Forest- 11 ticks/130,395 healing done over 6 seconds

That’s about a 30% increase in efficiency for Wild Growth every 16 seconds which is pretty huge. In fact it brings Wild Growth back to Patch 4.2 potency where it was buffed as a band-aid for our lack of burst capability. I’ve tried using this talent in dungeons and have found it to be more useful WITHOUT Glyph of Wild Growth because it’s easier to lineup Swiftmend followed by Wild Growth with only an 8 second cooldown. It makes for a good substitute for dealing with burst if you don’t care for the new Wild Mushroom: Bloom mechanic.

Verdict: Soul of the Forest is going to be very powerful for dungeons and 10-man raids. 25-man raids are harder to gauge. Wild Mushroom: Bloom and Tree of Life really shine in 25-man raids because of all the extra targets. I’d probably hold off on this talent for 25-man raiding.

Now lets see how our other passive ability fares.

Dream of Cenarius

Again, lets see how this talent works.

Dream of Cenarius-

  • Wrath, Starfire, Starsurge, and melee abilities increase healing done by your next healing spell by 70%. Tranquility is not affected.
  • Non-instant casts of Nourish, Healing Touch, and Regrowth increase the damage done by your next damaging spell by 70% or by your next melee ability by 30%.
  • Each of these bonuses lasts 30 sec.

Essentially, every time I cast Wrath (I don’t have access to Starfire or Starsurge) I get a buff that increases my next healing spell by 70%. It has no internal cooldown. With Haste accounted for my Wrath spell is at a 1.86 second cast time and can be lowered with more Haste. Let’s take a look at the numbers and use the same spell Wild Growth without the glyph as an example.

  • Without Dream of Cenarius- 8 ticks/ 92,120 healing done over 6 seconds
  • With Dream of Cenarius- 8 ticks/156,595 healing done over 6 seconds

And the result? Dream of Cenarius increases Wild Growth’s potency by about 41% . This is a huge output boost to an already fairly powerful healing spell all at the expense of a Wrath cast. A few observations when I used it with other healing spells:

  • It stacks with Nature’s Swiftness. I was able to get 120k (240k critical) instant (and free!) Healing Touches in relatively poor 431 iLvl gear.
  • Using a direct heal (I.E. Nourish, Regrowth, etc.) to refresh Lifebloom with Dream of Cenarius affects both the direct heal AND Lifebloom.
  • Only the direct heal portion of Swiftmend is affected. The Efflorescence flora is not affected.
  • Wild Mushroom: Bloom is affected. This could make for an extremely potent burst heal.
  • Ever see a Rejuvenation that ticks for 16k? Try it out!

Verdict: I see Dream of Cenarius being a very strong choice, possibly being more favored than Nature’s Vigil especially in a 25-man raid. The fact that it has no internal cooldown can make it very powerful for predictable damage.

Sidenote: One thing you might be wondering with these abilities is whether they can stack. THEY DO NOT. Because the Haste buff for Soul of the Forest works with ANY spell there’s no possible way to get them to stack because both abilities require an activation. Each activation spell would just be affected by the previous one. Example: I cast Rejuvenation. Cast Swiftmend. Gain Soul of the Forest. Wrath EATS the Haste buff. Gain Dream of Cenarius. The direct heal from Swiftmend EATS the healing buff.


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  1. Looks interesting, I have only healed a couple lower (sub 90) instances on my druid so far, and with school it looks like those may be the only ones I heal until MoP comes out.

    I’m glad you’re taking the time to do the math for lost souls like myself :-)

    1. Oh you are making me blush! That math was child’s play for most people. I just like seeing the overall results of the output. It gives a bigger picture of how powerful the talents can be coupled with certain spells.

  2. The reason you had 3.38% extra haste is because haste bonuses like this are multiplicative rather than additive. 1.0776*1.5=1.6164. Same thing happens with Nature’s Grace.

    1. Thanks for that info! I had suspected it was probably multiplicative, but I wasn’t 100% sure about it. I figured some math wizard could verify. Thanks for that!

  3. Very good and informative post. I like your style of writing too. Added you to my personal list of blogs to read. : )

  4. Dream of cenarius now increase the next healing spell by 30%

  5. Thk u for informative post :)

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