Level 90 Haste Breakpoints

*Haste Breakpoints to aim for are in BLACK

Disclaimer: Due to rounding these numbers MAY NOT BE EXACT. It is recommended to go a few Haste over the threshold to guarantee the extra ticks.

Sources: My original chart was a little off due to banker’s rounding (I have no idea how to do that in Excel). The formula that resulted in those numbers was created by Hamlet over at Elitist Jerks. You can find his work here. For the above chart I used numbers created by Binkenstein over at TotemSpot. You can find his original work here. Bink’s numbers should be more accurate than my previous numbers.

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  1. would like some help on breakpoints.. im primarily SOTF. most guides even say that its the top choice. issue is what haste break point am i reaching for? all guides saying the 3053 still until the 13k one.

    say that i have a 565 ilvl and dont feel i can hit the 13k point without losing a ton of mastery. WG of course being my bread and butter. how high should i go? honestly have been at the 5763 (i think is) breakpoint for sotf WG for a while now and rank often. just curious if anyone has any input…

  2. 13163 :)))

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