Incoming: New and Revised level 90 Talents

Today is a day to remember. Today, Ghostcrawler made me happy to be a Druid again.

It seems through all the feedback posts that Blizzard has finally gotten the message. We are not happy with our level 90 talents and we will not stop QQing until they are fixed.

Message received.

Disentanglement is being removed and being implemented as a baseline ability (assuming without the heal). This is a much needed change as both Restoration and Balance currently have Disentanglement as baseline abilities and it seemed to be a step backward to make us spend a point to have that mobility back, especially at the cost of a level 90 talent.

Dream of Cenarius is seeing a buff from 30% extra damage to 70%. His post specified damage and not healing, so I’m gonna assume that this is to make the talent more attractive for Feral and Balance Druids. Dream of Cenarius was never an awful choice for Resto Druids because there are times where we can occasionally throw out a Wrath when healing requirements are low. I’m still not sure if I would take this as a Balance Druid (even with the buff) just because the idea of weaving healing spells into your rotation seems clunky and awkward. The passive damage bonus of Heart of the Wild and the new cooldown that replaces Disentanglement seem like more fluid options.

Heart of the Wild is seeing a buff. We will gain 6% passive Intellect if we choose this talent in addition to the current off-roles that Heart of the Wild provides. This is a good change because in the event that you may not use Heart of the Wild, you aren’t losing out on not gaining any type of benefit from it during an encounter. The static Agility and Intellect is there to provide us with an incentive to take it as a passive bonus while keeping the core ability as an “oh @#$%” button. I’m OK with this because now the talent provides something that can be used to bolster our primary role for all encounters.

And of course we have a brand new talent that replaces Disentanglement.

Nature’s Vigil- Increases all damage and healing done by 30% for 30 sec. While active, all healing spells also damage a nearby target for 50% of healing done, and all damage spells and abilities also heal a nearby friendly target for 50% of the damage done. 3 minute cooldown.

Nature’s Vigil sounds like an awesome ability. In fact it sounds awfully familiar to what I suggested for Heart of the Wild and our other level 90 talents in my last post and to what I suggested on the forums. Not only does it benefit your primary role, but it provides fluid off-role utility while keeping in line with the “hybrid” tier Blizzard wants.

Happy Durid is happy.


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  1. Looks like some promising changes, but I’m still holding out my judgement until I can get a chance to finish leveling to 90 and use them.

  2. I can now happily put my alt healing priest back in the closet and proceed with my druid : )

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