Incoming in 5.2: Wild Mushroom:Bloom Changes

Wild mushroom
Wild Mushroom is getting some much needed attention on the PTR. A new Build just went up and the spell is getting some interesting tweaks to make it more attractive to use. Restoration now has it’s own section on the tooltip:

The mushrooms grow larger as they accumulate healing power from 75% of overhealing done by your Rejuvenation, up to a maximum of 100% of your health in bonus healing.

From early PTR testing, overhealing from Rejuvenation is split by 33% per shroom. Rejuv overhealing also has a cap of 100% of your health to prevent overpowered Blooms. As you can see from my screenshot, healing shrooms was bugged at the time and did not have the current health cap in place. This has since been hotfixed. Ghostcrawler recently had a brief explanation of the new idea:

“We’re still iterating on this design for Wild Mushrooms. Currently, they each absorb 25% overheal, up to a max of 33% of the Druid’s max health (total of 75% / 100% with 3 Mushrooms out). This max size isn’t working in build 16446, but we hope to hotfix that soon. Upon blooming, their accumulated healing is split over the targets they heal. Several parts of this aren’t yet working in build 16446, leading them to be massively overpowered (which we also hope to hotfix soon). Feedback, especially in future builds, is appreciated.”

Speaking of feedback, I left my own feedback on the PTR Forums:

Wild Mushroom: Bloom Feedback

I appreciate the changes made to Wild Mushroom: Bloom so far. There are both positives and some negatives about the spell:


-The new growing mechanic is very interesting. Turning our overhealing into a meaningful healing mechanic does solve most of that issue.

-The health cap is appropriate as to not encourage deliberate overhealing for OP Blooms.

-In the latest hotfix you applied a “ready” glow when they cap. This is much appreciated.


-If my napkin math is correct, at 31k Spellpower each shroom would heal each player in the neighborhood of 5.5k if said shroom hit all 25 targets and was capped. If you actually manage to hit the same player with all 3 the healing would be 16.5k before Crits. 5.5k to 16.5k just doesn’t seem like very meaningful healing when players have 400k+ health pools.

-The radius of each mushroom is too small right now. The spell is stationary and doesn’t have any visible “radius” like Efflorescence or Healing Rain. Moving the shrooms because of a small radius also penalizes the overhealing mechanic.


The healing, while potentially good in a 10-man setting, is still lackluster for 25′s. Having diminishing returns on our burst ability really hurts the “burst”. I actually think the total healing amount is fine, it’s just how it’s being applied that is the issue. Its current design is more akin to Healing Rain, but it shouldn’t be like Healing Rain because it’s not meant to fill that particular role.

-Consider putting a target cap on each mushroom (possibly 5?) and in turn take away the diminishing returns. With the target cap, make each shroom heal the lowest health raid member within it’s radius. This smart healing is a very fair trade-off considering how clunky and easily nullified healing shrooms currently are by players not paying attention. With a cap of 5 targets each shroom would heal 15 raid members for 28k. This healing is much more meaningful versus having 25 players being healed for 5.5k. For 10-man you can still have the 420k healing split among 10 players, just cap it for 15 targets for 25′s.

-Increase the radius. 8 yards is too small for an ability with no radius indicator for the raid. If you are dead set on keeping the 8 yards, please put in some visual indicator for raiders. A “spore cloud” in a circular form would be a nice touch.

Overall, I do like the idea of our overhealing contributing to the potency of Wild Mushrooms. It gives you more choice on whether you want to blow them immediately, or wait for a “ramp up” to happen. There’s definitely progress being done to make them better, but I believe we still have a few kinks to work out before they become a good addition to our toolkit.

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  1. What is the spore cloud was the healing that appeared after you pop them instead of an indicator and the spores worked similarly to the monks healing spheres? May help the people who need healing get it even if there was a duration on the spores like 30 secs or so.

    1. I feel being able to be cast on players would make this a lot more suited to our toolkit as well. Have the mushroom bloom have a small “spore” HoT on the targets hit by it. Just makes more sense. Making Druids similar to other classes cd’s takes away from the beauty of playing a resto druid. I like the direction it has begun to head in though.

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