How Juvenate Got His Groove Back

After raiding my first week in the Dragon Soul I’ve felt the sting of the Wild Growth nerf to it’s full effect. It hurt A LOT. Wild Growth was a huge crutch for Resto Druids in Firelands. It was our go-to spell for heavy raid damage and is now just a shadow of it’s former glory. However, all is not lost. With some helpful tips, you can still remain competitive. The difference is that you’ll be working twice as hard for your numbers.

I’ve raided on 25-man now with and without Glyph of Wild Growth. While using Glyph of Wild Growth in 25s is technically an increase in throughput, it felt extremely awkward to use. Those 2 extra seconds absolutely kill me. I realized I ended up mashing my Wild Growth keybind every 8 seconds out of sheer habit and nothing would happen. I ended up wasting the single GCD that I would have been gaining. I was pretty upset about my performance.

The next night I tried raiding without the glyph. It was AMAZING. I felt like How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Every time I needed Wild Growth it was there waiting for me. I was happy again. I was out of my healing funk and back to saving lives.

Yes Juvenate I get that, but the Wild Growth nerf still hurts. How do we compensate for it?  Here are a few helpful tips to remember:

  1. Use Wild Growth wisely- We can’t just hit Wild Growth just because it’s off cooldown anymore, ESPECIALLY if you are glyphed for it. You need to get the most out of the spell now. Wait for heavy raid damage to occur before using it.
  2. Treeform is 4 Haelz- Use it every time it’s up during heavy raid damage. ALWAYS. I know many of us didn’t use it much in Firelands. I know I didn’t. There wasn’t any need to go Tree for Normal-modes. But Dragon Soul is a little different. All fights seem to have heavy raid damage that’s fairly constant (for Normal-modes, LFR is much easier).
  3. Rejuvenation is your best friend again- Rejuvenation spam is back and with a vengeance. It’s our only other option now and we have to work with what we’ve got. Rejuv spam can be hard on your mana if you lack the Resto T12 2pc or lack some really powerful mana saving trinkets like Jaws of Defeat or Shard of Woe. You might want to consider dropping some throughput stats for Spirit if you are having major mana issues.
  4. Remember your ABC’s- I can’t stress this enough. Always Be Casting. Even if there’s no raid damage, keep Lifebloom and Rejuvenation running on the tank at all times.

If you keep these tips in mind while healing I guarantee you’ll see a difference in your numbers.

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  1. I haven’t had much time to raid intensively, but from the raid-finders I’ve done I have concluded the same thing-Rejuv spam is the only way to compete at the moment. It does hurt mana, but the ABC rule paired with smart wild growth usage should make it a bit easier to actually make a difference in healing.

    Nice tips, as always!

  2. Thank you for these tips. I’m definitely feeling my nerf, and will be removing the glyph- but I WILL be competitive! Treeform ALL the things.

  3. Glad to feel you got your groove back :) I dropped my Glyph of WG too and I feel much happier. That extra 2 seconds kept stuffing up my healing rhythm. Now I am reconsidering Living seed again… though I am still unsure. But Jasyla’s write up on it made me think about it.

  4. Hi, thanks for those great tips!

    I have also unglyphed WG and picked up barkskin instead. It bothers me that some of my rejuves are going to overheal, and I’ve been leaning a bit more on regrowth too. But it’s worth not having the extra two seconds cooldown on WG. I’m glad you got your groove back. Now I just need to find mine too!

  5. “Treeform is 4 Haelz”

    This, oh so absolutely this. I honestly don’t recall really touching Tree of Life at all in months. The tranquility and WG buffs just kept me from really needing the extra throughput or the LB rolling clearcastings. I’ve been using it a lot more lately and I’d forgotten how much fun treeform actually can be. I ran my first raid finer the other night and the “OMG LB EVYWAR” made for some fun.

  6. I too have being doing Rej spam and it’s killing my mana so maybe I need to change trinkets like you say. One thing that I have found very useful for heavy raid damage is TQ. Burning that every time it’s off CD is a major help especially if you have another druid and can rotate your CDs. In fact, rotating TQ CDs was what got us over the hump with Deathwing.

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