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Sorry I haven’t been posting more regularly folks! Between work, school, and the fact that the Beta gets updated fairly regularly my drafts become outdated fairly quickly. And before you ask, yes I am in the Beta! I received my invite in the second to last round of invites.


I haven’t had a major chance to test all the abilities realistically other than through some casual questing. I admit I gave up half way to 86 because getting a critical error after every porcupine I killed wasn’t my idea of fun testing, so I’ve taken a break from Beta until the servers can become more stable. However, I am keeping myself updated on Beta patch changes and am providing appropriate feedback through the forums when necessary.


I’ve Been Waffled


In case you haven’t heard I was a guest on the latest episode of the Team Waffle Podcast which you can check out here! In fact it was my first time on a podcast EVER. I think my voice was a little shaky at first, but I think I got over it quickly enough. I’ve met Nolan (Arielle) and Lissanna (author of Restokin, who I also raid with) at Blizzcon, but it was nice to meet another Inconspicuous Bear poster (Reesi) and Rona (a fellow Balance Druid).


A decent chunk of the episode was dedicated to our Tier 6 talents which have gotten much criticism from the Druid community. Today I’d like to go over just one of those talents, Heart of the Wild, and explain how it’s currently flawed and how to fix it to become more useable in a regular raiding environment.


First let’s go over the tooltip which has incurred a recent change to its wording.


Heart of the Wild

40 yd range

6 min cooldown


Dramatically improves the Druid’s ability to serve combat roles outside of normal specialization for 45 sec. Grants the following benefits based on current specializations:


  • Non-Guardian
    • While in Bear Form, Agility, Expertise, Hit Chance, and armor bonuses increased, and chance to be hit by melee critical strikes reduced.
  • Non-Feral
    • While in Cat Form, Agility, Hit Chance, and Expertise increased.
  • Non-Restoration
    • Healing increased and mana cost of all healing spells reduced by 100%. Guardian Druids may also cast Rejuvenation while shapeshifted.
  • Non-Balance
    • Spell Damage and Hit Chance increased. Mana cost of all damage spells reduced by 100%.

Before we dive into flaws and solutions let me be clear about how I feel about the mechanics of contributing to an offspec role. I’m OK with doing another role as long as it doesn’t prevent me from performing my primary role at the same time. With that said let’s take a look at some of the issues with the talent and how we can fix them.


Flaw- 6 minute cooldown


Having Heart of the Wild on a 6-minute cooldown really regulates the ability to only once per boss fight. Compared with other abilities that we can use multiple times throughout an encounter, this cooldown limitation really takes away from any fun or interesting ways we can implement it in raid encounters.


  • Solution- Being able to use talents multiple times during an encounter tends to make them more fun and interesting to weave into your play-style. Reducing the cooldown to 3 minutes would be more than fair.


Flaw- 45 second duration


As with the lengthy cooldown, the lengthy duration is another problem. It’s just not necessary to perform another role for that length of time even in clutch situations because those instances don’t last nearly long enough.


  • Solution- A 20-25 second duration is more than adequate.


Those were the easy flaws. Now let’s take a look at ones that are a little more complex.


Flaw- Off-spec choices


Let’s be realistic. There are a few choices here that don’t make much sense. The idea that every Druid spec can perform any role sounds fun, but it’s not realistic to what an average raiding environment would use or need.




  • The idea of a Resto Druid stepping in to tank for a set duration would never be desired, especially when there are better ways of solving an issue (I.E. Rebirth the tank while a Rogue uses Growl via Symbiosis and pops Evasion).


Other examples would include:


  • Moonkin never needing to go Cat (because their own DPS spec is superior with their gear) or Bear (for the same reasons as Resto Druids).
  • Cats never needing to do range DPS or heal outside of Tranquility.
  • Bears never needing to do range DPS or heal outside of Tranquility.


  • Solution- Streamline the talent so each specialization is limited to one offspec role, one that has synergy with their primary role (I.E. Bears-Cats and Moonkin-Resto).


Flaw- The idea that healing takes priority over DPS


One of the more major issues with Heart of the Wild is the idea of having a Cat or Moonkin heal instead of contributing to DPS. This idea goes against what most raids utilize today which is “more DPS = faster kills = less healing required.” Many progression raid teams drop healers in favor of extra DPS to meet rigorous enrage timers. Giving DPS Druids an ability that goes against that mentality is wasteful and serves no purpose for PvE.


  • Solution- Integrate the talent so that DPS and healing have a synergy with each other. Have the talent contribute to an offspec role while the Druid maintains their primary role. Example:
    • Balance- Your Wrath and Starfire spells cause raid/party members to be healed for X% of the damage within 30 yards of the target. This healing effect is split evenly between friendly targets.
    • Restoration- Your healing spells cause nearby enemies to suffer from the wrath of Cenarius causing damage equal to X% of all healing done within 30 yards of the target. This ability prefers to damage the target’s primary target.


This allows both Balance and Resto Druids to contribute to offspec roles while still maintaining their primary roles. If Heart of the Wild worked much like this example, then the talent would be much more beneficial as it allows Druids to contribute to extra utility without sacrificing their primary roles.


So, what do you think about Heart of the Wild and how would you change it?

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  1. If they want to do something like this as one hybrid talent, that’s fine. Disentanglement is fine for PVP, I guess, if you’re not a moonkin. That being said, Dream of Cenarius needs to be replaced with a main-spec throughput ability. Forced hybridization is not happening with shaman nor paladin, it shouldn’t be with us either.

    Of course, this is what you get when you get whining RP druids on Wyrmrest Accord complaining at every BlizzCon for true hybridization.

    1. Dream of Cenarius has other issues namely with roles other than Resto. It’s easy for me, a Resto Druid, to toss out a Wrath every now and then when healing isn’t needed, but DPS is ALWAYS required. Plus with the limited healing toolset that Bears, Cats, and Moonkin have now AND the fact that they have to hardcast healing spells to even get the buff? Ya it’s pretty terrible for anything but Resto right now.

      Having DPS stop what they are doing to throw out a heal isn’t realistic to what raid encounters are right now. If your Cat or Moonkin have to help heal (outside Tranquility) during an encounter your healers are being bad.

  2. There is a situation where I can think of resto druids going bear form – 10-man raids. It’s an extremely clutch and limited, but it is a possibility. Still, I doubt that HotW will be used for that. A moonkin would be more likely to do so than a resto druid, however, but still just as clutch. I wonder how it will play out, though; I imagine either way that it’s going to get revamped before the end of beta.

    1. Even then, like I said earlier, it’s probably better for a Rogue to use Growl for any situations that require Heart of the Wild usage for tanking. Not only would they have cooldowns that accompany it, but they would probably hold aggro better than a Resto Druid that hits like a wet paper towel. lol

      Either way it’s extremely situational and that itself is a problem. Our talents (especially lvl 90) should be usable for the vast majority of encounters. I can’t even think of an encounter within the past 2 expansions where a Resto Druid would ever want to taunt the boss or where a Cat/Moonkin would want to spend almost a minute healing.

      I hope your right. If it goes Live as is it will be gathering quite a bit of dust in my tree.

      1. The only thing is, this again implies having a rogue in the raid – also does not always happen. Hell, in my 10-man raid, we have no rogue. (Granted, our druid is also a tank, but that’s aside from the point.) But as I pointed out, it would be limited to say extremely clutch. I’m not sure if it serves much, if any, purpose in PvP. Of course, it’s in the same situation that a rogue would use a Symbiosis-enhanced Growl and Evasion – when the tank dies, and probably also when they have Rebirth on cooldown (assuming there is also a warlock or death knight in the raid to perform the battle resurrection). I imagine it’s supposed to be the druid equivalent of the “bubble-taunt” that paladins have and can use (and DID on Chimaeron – which would be the one encounter *I* could think of HotW would come in handy for bear form).

        Now, all that said, this is probably the only way to implement it without giving a thesis on how the talent actually works. I’m sure it’s implied that the Balance Resto and the Guardian Feral is supposed to go hand-in-hand, but also allow for the non-traditional specs to have some sort of utility as well in some (admittedly contrived) situations.

  3. A lot of 10-man raids only have two healers and two tanks. In what world would you have three tanks and one healer? O.o

  4. 1. it was put as a 6 min cooldown for fears more regular would be too over powered and

    2. A shorter duration may not necessarily give the feel of actually having switched a role, presumably if you wanted to to do the odd off heal or whether the odd hard blow, you’d have DoC. But also the intention of the ability may have been specifically to fill in in an emergency.

    Tank dies, but if you are 3 healers, and rebirth is used (this does happen enough times) it is more important you take his place and the other healer manage.

    However, for situations where as teh second tank you’re not needed for frequent enough periods, or you’re the 3rd healer only really needed specifically on a handful of phases, a more frequent HotW is highly desirable.

    The devs have to make a call on exactly what the main function raid wise for this aiblity would be . In a 5 man setting that fights never last that long, 3 min cooldown and 25sec duration is no different from 6 min and 45 secs tbh becuase if you ever get to use it, it is very rare you would need to more than once.

    3. Flaw: Off-spec choices:
    a) The talent is actually quite felxible. Take your first example: Resto stepping into tank is just one of 3 options a resto has. A resto can step in to tank, can step in to melee dps or can step in to range dps with HotW.. already that’s 2 more options than your example provides that is also useful to a resto duid.

    but lets take the Resto to tank. Yes, better options can exist. Certainly REbirth is one, and you’d be expected to use that, but if you’ve raided as foften as i have, in many diverse envrionments, i.e. with highly organised guilds, with average guilds and with pugs, you know that bette r options ahve already been used and the raid still gets into trouble.. remember that pug on Ragnaros? Tank died was rezzed already, and then died again later on wtih 12% to go?

    That is the situation where the feral/balance/resto should pop HotW and go tank – weather enough stacks so the main tank can reset his own stacks and taunt off you , then you go back to healing or dps till you’re needed again (if it hasn’t worn off) or the kill occurs. This makes it useful

    but as mentioned before, tanking isn’t the only option for you resto druid. What if you’re the 3rd healer in a 10 man or the not so necessary 7th healer, needed only for certain stages of the encounter, high burnphase is up? well pop HotW and select how yo’ud rather do it, in melee as acat or at range and dps till the burn is finished or you have to go back to healing.

    b) Take your other examples. Moonkin never needing to go cat. That’s true, but there are enough other useful combinations for moonkin like moonkin going healer or moonkin going tank.. and once in a blue moon, in pvp or pvE actually you find that meleeing is a better option, they do throw out these things in some very odd places, remember karazhan and the sparks that are immune to spell damage?,, or the druid quest for flight form that the boss took a lot more melee damge, sometimes, though quite rare you do get the odd situation that does occur for moonkin to go cat – it is rare and there is no harm in having the option available – there will be moonkin players who would just for the fun of it sometimes melee in cat form to try something new or set a challenge even cos they are bored.. chances are their second spec is resto so hotW is their only real chance to use melee cat form and mangle/FB/rake.

    There is also the situation where long silences occur, its also rare but hey you can go cat, HotW and melee till you are able to cast again.

    c) the same arguement applies to cats needing to do range dps, and in fact you find out that cats like melee actaully find strong range alot more useful than range deals find strong melee..especially when the prey has seemingly gotten away and htey’ve exhausted all the gap closers. a cat will find a bit more usage with range abilities than a moonkin would with melee , but ture it is small. however do not forget Cat will find going bear or going healing for those emergency situations quite useful

    I know some don’t enjoy having to save incompeetent raid members, but that is no excuse to remove this abilitiy, because players like me feel most useful if as a dps, being able to swtich to a competent enough healer or competent enough tank to save the raid in a 45 sec window as certainly worht having, a noble thing to do, and a refrshing change from my constnat dpsing.. especially if it is something that occurs once in a while.

    it’s a differnet hing if i had to do it every fight and every phase.. as a dps i woudln’t like that too much, however the once in a hwile on the tough fight, i’d love it. As a healer, a 3rd healer i’d love it every fight for the phase my healing isn’t required and I can nuke or as an off tank or second tank my tankking isn’t required and i can nuke or the raid needs extra healing help.

    d) Bears never needing to heal/dps outside tranquility? That is certainly ntot true. AS a tank druid i have alwasy found opportunity to go cat form to dps, especially if iw as a second tank or a fight that required long periods when one tank was with aggro, why do you think us ferals did not like our hybrid ability removed from us in cata, we actually enjoyed as cats spot tanking or as bears spot dpsing. this is no different. and the same applies for spot healing too.. although that is a bit more rare.

    So at the end of the day, limiting each spec to one role might be a terrible idea, because each spec has uses in switching to 2 and sometimes 3 roles dpeending on the situation, remove that and you make the ability even more situational for all specs.. which favours a long cooldown and shorter duration, which won’t help this at all.

    4. the idea that healing takes priority over dps: This is debatable, this was the gneeral consesnus back in classic and only recently in cata has it become largely untrue, however it would not affect HotW in the way you are pointing out b/c of the basis for your point. You are saying don’t give druids this because it goes against the current trend is a very poor reasoning given the other uses.

    Druids don’t have to pop HotW to go healing when the raid would need it dpsing. That should be logical, having HotW in its current form will not cause the riad leader to substitute the druid for another calss because the druid has HotW and could pop healing, if dps is needed the druid would be silly to then pop hotw and switch to healing. He has HotW to use to switch to healing or tanking for the fights or phases where oh oh, healer died, or more healing is needed badly or tank died and someone can step in. THAt is the function of HotW he can step in them, the druid has sorely mis-understood and is being silly if he feels HotW is for him to always spend 45 secs in afight going out of his dps role to heal when he is not needed to.

    the ability is there for when youneed it.. a dps druid woudl typically only use it in emergency sitautions which do occur enough times to make this refreshing change and not enough times to make it a pain. Healer druids would appreciate it especially if they’re the 3rd or 7th healer in the raid, and even if not there are enough times when the second helaer is bette roff going dps or a burn phase occurs..and off course only in an emergency might he be required to go tanking if no other option is available. this also does happen.

    Finally a tank druid especially an off tnak or second tank woudl find this quite useful. as there are times he would often have nohting to do and i better of dpsing, rarer, but still occurin g would be times he would need to emergency heal, he’s just been better empowered than ever before to do so now. Would it happen if he was the sole and main tank? ofc not. but as a druid tank that does main tank i go enough raids whre i’m not the main tank or the encounter affords me the opportunity to do something else. i’d appreciate HotW in such an instance.

    My Issue With HotW:
    If anything i think hotW needs a buff, not restrictions. LEave as is, but when activated i’m cocnerned that the druid has far too basic tools to adequately step into the role. Off coourse the presence of tools can be offset by power, at theend of the day more tools are aw ay of mkaing gameplay deeper, you could do exactly the same job with one button provided you had usffiecnt power. So i do know blizzard could make HotW work well enough with the basic toolkit the druid would have in the other role, but it would b less exciting. More compelling would be if when i pop HotW as a balance druid, I get Shred, Rip, savage roar, tiger’s fury, lifebloom, nourish, swiftmend, wild growth, savage defense, thrash, skull bash and enrage – key abilities, adding a bit more depth for that 45 sec window making me feel more like a guardian or resto or feral druid. if i wasn’t a balance druid i would expect Moonkin form, eclipse, starfire and starsurge to be given .

    The tools add depth and finnesse, encourage me to try other specs and as i can only dual spec, at least i have some flavor from the toher two specs i will liekely never use when i pop HotW..who know it may even encourage me to switch one of hte specialiaztions, and if i did, i certainly would relish using my old specializaiton with the extra tools when i popped HotW in my new spec.

    so i do hope that HotW, would activate 4 key abilities from each spec.. and give you a new HotW unique bar for each form. So when you pop HotW, caster form will get a new bar, cat form a nnew bar, bear form a new bar, and if you’r enot balnace you get moonkin form and that owuld have a new bar too. in fact the only form that doesn’t get anew bar is the one of your native spec.

    1. Hi Starfury,

      Wow what a wall of text! It sounds like you are fairly passionate about Heart of the Wild in it’s current form. :)

      At this point I think I’ll just say we will agree to disagree. It seems that you would like an ability that helps you contribute to another role to “add depth and finnesse” to our toolkit, which it certainly does. But in the long run I just don’t see it as being viable right now as is.

      Right now in Dragon Soul content, if you are not DPSing you are doing your raid a disservice. This is the mentality of progression raiding. It’s also been the mentality for at least 2 expansions and I’m haven’t seen any indication that it is changing in the foreseeable future. Heart of the Wild goes against that mentality. It gives you the ability to perform more roles, but only at the expense of your primary role which is the reason you were brought in the raid in the first place. This is what I don’t like about it.

      I’d like to see Heart of the Wild turned into a talent that provides off-spec utility while maintaining our current roles. The examples in my post offer that type of utility. It’s a utility that is both desired and applicable to most raid encounters versus an ability that is extremely situational and not applicable to most raid encounters.

  5. @Starfury

    So HotW is usefull, iff A AND B AND C AND …

    That’s quite a loot conditions to be met, and honestly speaking – nothing which will occur more than once in an entire raiding tier.

    Let’s take e.g.
    “Tank died was rezzed already, and then died again later on wtih 12% to go?”

    Let’s see (resto perspective):

    Either you didn’t manage to keep your tanks alive twice. At this point it seems rather (sorry to say it this way) idiotic to assume that the remaining two will be able to achieve, what three of you couldn’t achieve.

    Your tank(s) – with about three time the defense cooldowns – died to the damage. You couldn’t possible have done anything. You seriously assume that then two (originally three) healers will be able to hold up on 50-75% of a tank for the remaining length of the fight? No, not really.

    Your “useful” scenario’s for HotW come down to exactly two:

    First: “The IF’s”. You need n conditions to be met for this ability to become useful. Out of this n conditions, exactly zero are in your control (excluding the “I’ll stop healing so I can use HotW” one). Honestly, we do not need once in a lifetime abilities – those are horrid, even more so seeing what other classes get instead.

    Second: “Stack the Druid”. If encounter design enforced usefulness of HotW (actually that may happen in the If scenario as well), then druids will become mandatory (or at least things quite a lot harder for non-druid raids). At this point HotW is good, because blizzard failed at encounter design. Not because HotW is a good talent by itself.

    1. Stupid hero, i’m fine with the ability not being useful in every situation and not being useful in every emergency either. It won’t be

      it won’t be equally or used as often with every spec either. In my reply to Juvenate below I point out other scenarios. Dps wil find it more an emergency tool, off tanks and extra healer spec druids would probably see the most use out of it.

      I’m fine with that. I have raided enough times to know that the ability is situational enough to warrant its place. it has a use, the use is great enough to make it worthy of its place in the spell arsenal but not enough to make it grossly overpowered or unfiar,it defines the druid class. why do you think a balance druid should still ahve bear form or cat form? or caster form heals if he NEVER ever gets to switch to tank to tank or switch to caster to heal or switch to cat to melee?

      you might as well completely remove bear form from him, cat form and strip him of his heals and give him workable subsittiutes he can use in moonkin form and make him a separate class. HotW makes bear form for a balance druid useful as a tank, albeit it will be for 45 secs every 6 mins and only useful in emergency situations. For your perfect guild those emergency situations may be quite rare, but i can assur eyou for a pug 10 man normal raid or progressing average raid, they will probably occur once every few boss encoutners, and it won’t be enough to save the raid every time it is needed but there will be times it will be.

      and emergency is not the only use either, tha’ts just from a dps perspective. A healer perspective.. why should a resto druid have cat form? or bear form? hotw will make haivng bear form useful for what bear form does, makes you a tank for emergency situations, but as ahealer espeically a 3rd healer in a 10 man or 7th in a 25 man, or a burn phase, dps is usefu.. now healers do need dps for levelling and pvp, but with HotW the resto can dps in cat form if he prefers melee or nuke it out in caster form, he has a choice, but he will likely see more use.

      what about the tank druid who can switch to heal for emergencies or can switch to cat or caster for dps when he is not needed for a tanking phase? this doens’t happen every encounter, but it happens enough times fordruids to have not been happy taht when cata hit, tank spec dpsing in cat form was nerfed. and now with HotW at least they can dps well in cat form or switch to caster form instead.

      basically this ability makes the class relevant. having cat form is more than for just prowling or dash, having bear form is more than for jjust bash or frenzied regen.. many druid players have not played wow long enough to realize it was all the changes after classic that lead us to think cat form ;s purpose for non ferals was just for your prowl/dash capability, we came to accept that, and new druid new no different, but this was never the truth. bear form was meant to make you a tank in it, cat form amelee dpps er, caster form a healer or ranger till moonkin form came in. This was waht was unique about the druid that no mmo had ever done, go into a form and it swtiches your role

      without this being possible or having at least osme use some where, you might as well scrap the druid class and make 4 separate classes, cos there really is no point in aresto having bear form/cat form or ferals haivng bear form/caster form or balance druids having caster form/bear form/cat form or Guardians having caster form/cat form – you might as well remove these and incoprorate or buff existing utiltiies to replace the odd utility or two you would lose by cutting the forms.

      having to re-arrange the talents into this new format forced this issue to light to the devs, it is something we tried pointing out way back when classic made the jump to TBC just during the TBC beta or prior to it. I made a hit post then about the Role-switcher, as did a couple of others at the time. In those days we imagined the full benefits of role switching permeantly..but the price of that would be not being as good as main specs in that role..something we didn’t want either. No one thought at the time to allow role swtiching in a decent form but for only a short duration..and the game hadn’t changed to its currnet format where you don’t really need role switcher except in those emergency cases pointed out.

      but having HotW certainly gives it a use, and makes it possible without having to make the druid less effective at his role becuase it is n’t permanment, neither is it relevant in raid mechanics to do except in an emergency situation like your tank dies near the end of the fight or healer is down and CR isn’t up for another 45 secs or something like that or the healer has an idle phase to burn or the off tank does and might as well dps..

      so, it has uses, not regular uses, but uses, and useful uses, just not game breaking ones, so the raiding envrionemnt is primed for the re-intrdouction of the role swtihcher, which incidentally gives the druid RElevance as a CLASS and not just a spec. win, win , win.

      the only thing people don’t like about it is that its Tier 6 and its not as shiny as the shaman tier 6, and this is where ALL the noise is coming from. blizzard should just make it trainable, and give something else , i bet all this whining will shut up when that happens. But for more reasons than an emergency utility for dps druid specs, HotW is quite necessary for the class, even if most of the forum druid community can’t see it yet.

      1. “i’m fine with the ability not being useful in every situation and not being useful in every emergency either. It won’t be”

        That right there says it all. If it’s not useful then it’s just taking up a spot in our tree where we could have something useful much more often. The idea of giving us a talent that is only useful in situations brought on by players themselves is flawed, especially compared to other class talents.

  6. @Juvenate: it can’t be a talent that provides off spec utility while maintaining your role, that’s a completely different ability. The purpose of heart of the wild is to do exactly what it does.
    now i’m not against a talent that provides off spec utility while maintaining your role, but certainly not at the cost of HotW. I would rather HotW and DoC be trainable, which i think they should do and such a talent as you propose be given in different formats for tier 6. But for reasons set out in my first response, it is important hotW remain and as a baseline ability, along with DoC
    I think you also missing the heart of the talent, you’re thinking primarily about dps when this talent also provides a service to tanking and healing. And i think you assume that what it provides is not relevant to dps either because as you put it, “we want to dps all the time and when we are not dpsing we are doing the raid a disservice”. You are right about doing the raid a disservice when not dpsing but wrong about that being the reason why HotW won’t work at all or shoudn’t be part of our class.

    it is not meant to have you help your dps role, neither is it meant to encourage you to switch roles when you need to be dpsing. If you think this is the case, then you’ve missed the point of the talent. For dps druids, it is meant to be something you switch to when there is no other choice, when it is the only thing that can save the raid. I love dpsing, but i tell you if my tank dies and no CR is available to get him up and the only way to make the kill is if someone steps in to take his place…i’d quite happily stop dpsing to switch to tanking and make the kill. That’s what HotW is there for for a dps spec druid, or in another scenario, healing cos a healer is dead, or not strong enough or it is a tough healing phase that for your 10 man they only have 2 healers and some extra power is needed, i pop HotW , then pop tranquilty and spam a few heals ..if that sitaution is the only way the raid can be saved, again i’m happy to switch then. you can argue that the raid shoudn’t be in that situation and therefore HotW shoudln’t be necessary,b ut the truth is raids to get into that sitaution, bad planning, new encounter, rubbish healer.. it doens’t happen all the time, but it happens, having HotW is cool here, and i demonstrate my skill as a player by using it to help heal then and doing a good job too enough to save the raid. AGain this is not permantnently changing your role, in fact thses sitautions don’t happen every fight either, which is why HotW is on a 6 min cooldown lasting 45 secs and not something you can do all the time any time. If it was something you could do all the tiem any time, then they might start having to stakc lots of druids, or asking dps druids to go healing all the time and funny stuff like that or moan druids are too powerful b/c they can dps well and heal well… and if you’re an old enough druid you would remember those days even though we couldn’t.. this is why HotW is an ability with a cooldown and a duration and not perma thing.

    I don’t envision any of this oh dps druids will be forced to heal or tanks to dps or healers to tank.. you won’t be forced, but in situations where it may save the raid, tbh won’t you switch from dps to tank or healing for a few seconds? I know i would, and HotW gives me the oppoortunity to, i can’t do it all the time so no one would be asking me to constnatly be switching roles..and they will appreciate the value.

    why am i happy? because it does save the raid, and i can play a part, i’m also happy that i do something else than dps..not cos i like switching in combat, but because once in a while it’s refreshing to use another role when it is needed. it would annoy me if i had to do it in every fight, but judging from my DS raids and Firelands riaids, incl most of the raids in wotlk too, this will not occcur in every fight, nor every encounter..it will happen from time to time.. and that’s its use.

    That’s its use for a dps druid. It will see more use on a healer druid espeically if there in a 10 man raid that goes with 3 healers, or a tank druid espeically if he is an off tank.. not all encounters need 2 tanks, in which case the other tank does go to dps spec, but sometimes only part of the encounter needs 1 tank, or the tanks only switch every 30-45 secs on stack refresh… this again doesn’t happen all the time ,, but as a tank druid i do find periods of times where switching to cat or if i could nuke would have been more helpful than sitting in bear form..and that is not taking into account the fights that have high dps burn phases that could benefit. Then there is also the healing option as a tank sometimes it would be more beneficial to pop out and toss a tranq and help heal while the other tank is the one with the aggro.

    These situations happen enough times for all druids.. but not enough that you feel your main role is being lost in a hybrid role.. and the reason it is a talent is that you don’t have to switch either. You would help your raid if you did for the emergency situations or for the healer/tanks if you were smart and micromanaged your time well using the quiet periods to switch roles etc, that’s clever play. Certainly guilds would appreciate clever druids who kused this well and stepped in at the right moment to save the raid.

    the thing is people screw up, the tank shouldn’t have died, but it happens..it doesn’t happen all the time but it happens, the healer shoudln’t have died or shouldn’t have fallne asleep but it happens, so you are short and need a filler, your normal healing or ordinary bear form are not good enough substittues, so you pop hotw, that’s what it is there for for a dps..and those situations do happen enough times .

    it is exciting that actually roel switch ing can be useful in a competitive environment. you say i am excited about HotW as it is.. yes, in concept, i am hoping that blizz will allow it to switch your specilaization rather than just boost power, it would be more fun if as a kitty or moonkin or bear going to heal, i also had lifebloom, swiftmend, nourish, wild growth/regrowth in the arsenal..same for each spec and the key abilities that go wit h them.

    now that would be awesome. in such a case i don’t even mind if hotW will lock me into the specializaiton i confirm wjust after i cast it, so for e.g. if i cast it then went bear form as a balance druid, for that duration of HotW, i’d only be able to go Guardian or Balance druid. But the next time it is up i can choose another specializtion if i went cat form it would lock me into feral while in cat and balnace while in nmoonkin/caster.. if i went to caster form it would lock me into resto.. id on’t mind that happening if HotW is extended to include the entire sepc and not just a power boost.

    but such things are hard to tell wiithout testing. it could be that it has enough power to do the job as is, i’m jus tsaying though the job would be more fun if more tools were opened up while HotW was up. they must make a hcoice between complexity (which is probably why they haven’t opened more tools when HotW is up yet) and fun..they sould remmeber though that all druids atm do have starfire, rip, shred, savage defense, lifebloom, nourish, insect swarm, ravage, thrash, skull bash – so if HotW did enable these extra spells that they locked into spec for MoP, it wouon’t be horribly or terrifyingly confusing to druids, and certainly i’m sure players would appreciate extra tools like swiftmend, wild growth, eclipse, starsurge, moonkin form that are a vital part of the other specs added too for the duration of HotW – esp if those druids have a secondary sepc they occasionally use in another role..which they now will for MoP.. as no one will have 2 balance specs or 2 feral specs one for pvp and one for pvE… everyone will have two different ones..

    i t woudl be weird if i had balance and resto, and in resto i cast hotw, but couldn’t see eclipse, mooonkin form, starfire or starsurge, or i if iw as boomkin and hit HotW to heal did n’t have swiftmend, nourish , wild growth.. so they should consider it i say.

    and i would repeat this once more. This does not detract from you main role. just becuase you may have to switch from dps to heal or tank in an emergency is not going to be frowned on by your raid mates whose screw up is what casued the emergency in the first place, they are not going to say oh don’t come because you don’t always dps. ofc not, becuase you’d be dpsing all the time, except when they screwed up tank died again and the raid owuld have wiped if you didn’t go bear form.. or healer died/screwed up and you didn’t step in to cover… on such an occassion it certainly merits stopping dps to fix the situation, just like it does stopping dps to combat rez.. they don’t kick you b/c you stopped dps to do that.

    and trust me you won’t be doing taht on every fight. so you will have ample opportunity to beat other dps only specs

  7. yeah, it was Sarokh and I in those days, if you remember sarokh, i used a different name back then, i had 4 druid toons, 3 of which were at 60, so you probably knew me under another name, don’t remember which.

    anyway, HotW is a vital part of the druid arsenal, i’m surpirsed it is a talent and not baseline, but i think it was probably made a talent becuase they were un sure how well it would be taken, perception makes a huge difference, and at least as a talent you have it as a choice for those who want to use it as i have described above, they can play that way in raids, but you don’t have to, it is not mandatory to use like this and you can instead go for DoC or disentanglement instead if you will have nothing tod o with role switching.

    Don’t blame a really good ability for the fact that blizzard hasn’t paid enough attention to simproving and progressing the playstyle of each spec, especially the dps specs that really didn’t see any new facet added to their rotation/play.. disappinted you may be that has happened, dispapointed that the shaman has a far more attractive looking tier 6 (in your eyes) relevant to its roles than you do.

    This does not make HotW a bad ability, nor does it make it any less necessary or less useful. And rather than dissing the ability, you should be calling for it to be made trainable along with DoC and something else given as tier 6 that aids the roles..or at least blizzard do some more work introducing more interesting things for balance and feral druids.

  8. I would not like to be limited to boomkin-ing for DPS as a resto, cat DPS is more compelling IMO. Also I can think of a bunch of situations where a cat would like to range DPS. As part of a 10 man where we’re extremely melee heavy, we’re always running into situations were we’d like additional ranged DPS during certain parts of a fight.

    There’s no compelling reason to limit the functionality of this talent to our own views of the game.

  9. I’m fine with some of our talents not being useful all the time.

    However, half of our talent tiers (the two CC tiers and the level 90 tier) are not useful very often, if at all, in PvE raiding situations. That ends up being the bigger problem – where other classes have talents that are useful most of the time and we don’t.

    1. Can you really make that characterization Lissanna? The CC tiers are useful in current fights such as blackhorn, spine, bethtilac, rhyolith, ragnaross, nefarian, shannox, and possibly magmaw & maloriak. And as well as the fact that pretty much every class now has access to these CC style talents across the spec board would probably make them a more integral part of raid design than before where a bad class/spec mixture in 10 man would not allow CC to be a bigger part of the encounter design.

      I would reserve judgement as to which classes have more “useful” tiers of talent for PvE when encounters have been more fleshed out. While yes priest may have more tiers that are always useful, those number bump talents are not nearly as important as a talent that makes the difference between a son of rag hitting the hammer or not.

  10. As someone mentioned earlier, making the talent baseline would be perfectly acceptable. Just don’t let it take up space in our tree.

  11. I have to say, at this point, I don’t know if I will be playing MoP. I am not a fan of the Boomkin changes or the druid talent tree changes (I have to pick between AOE roots which I have wanted for 7 years OR typhoon? and most of the other tree levels are things I don’t care about at all? wuh?) And don’t even get me started on the Shadow Priest changes…

    *shuffles off grumbling*

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