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One of my favorite things to do in WoW when I’m not raiding is Pet Battles. I have literally become obsessed with them. The “Gotta catch’em all!” concept is really strong with me as I usually won’t leave a particular area until every single pet (that is obtainable through battling) is caught. Today I want to go over some basic info, some cool Pet Battle Addons, and some of my favorite pets to battle with.

Pet Battling 101

I’m not going to go into specific detail over certain classes of pets and which are strongest against others. Wowhead has an amazing guide with those details. What I will say is that if you’ve ever played Pokémon in your life, Pet Battles are nearly an exact replica sans the abilities, classes, and pets.

Some Basic Info:

  • Pet Battles are on a turn-based system, just like Pokémon. If you’ve never played Pokémon and are familiar with the older Final Fantasy games they are no different.
  • Pets have “stats” similar to WoW characters, tho not nearly as detailed or complex. They have health, attack power, and speed (which determines which pet goes first). The current max level is 25.
  • Each pet is a certain “class” of pet. Each pet may be stronger or weaker against other pets depending on this class. Example: Elemental is strong against Mechanical, is weak against Aquatic, and isn’t very effective against Critter.
  • Pets have 3 slots to attack or defend with. You can choose from 2 different abilities per slot. You gain more slots as your pet increases in levels.
  • Many abilities are augmented by the Weather or if friendly/enemy pets meet certain conditions. This can increase damage or healing in your favor.

Pet Battle Addons

I primarily use 3 addons for pet battles. People who have played Pokémon will be very familiar with what they do.

  • WoWkemon- This addon turns your pet battle frames and stats into the old fashioned Pokémon versions. It also provides Pokémon weather effects and a spectator option so others can view your Pet Battles. It really is a good addon for people who are fans of the old-school Pokémon game.
  • Pokemon Trainer- This mod is probably my favorite so far and is entirely battle-focused versus just being an aesthetic addon like WoWkemon. This addon gives you full info on active pets such as: Pet Speed (which one will go first), strength, and weakness. It’s nice because all the info is in front of you and you don’t have to constantly look up information. Pokemon Trainer also gives you “Catch Info” when you enter a new zone in the Chat Panel, giving you a complete breakdown of pets you have already captured, their rarity, and one’s you still need to capture. This is extremely helpful for players wanting to truly “Catch’em All!”
  • Pet Battle Pokemon Mod- This addon changes the music during pet battles to authentic Pokémon theme songs. It’s a great combination with the WoWkemon addon to give your Pet Battles that authentic Pokémon experience!

My Favorite Battle Pets

  • Celestial Dragon- This is probably my #1 favorite. The first 3 abilities you receive are its strongest. Breath does strong damage. Moonfire is even stronger on a short 3 round CD. Ancient Blessing is a strong self heal. Celestial Dragon has Strong attack power and a Fair speed rating.
  • Lil’ XT- This pet is also easily becoming one of my favorites. Zap does strong damage. Repair is a very strong self heal. The catch is that you must use is preemptively. I usually use it around 50% health. Repair will also still work if you self-rez under the Mechanical-type Passive ability, restoring you to full health. Don’t take Thrash since Lil’ XT is slower than most other Battle Pets. Lil’ XT has very high attack power and mediocre speed.
  • Lil’ KT- This pet is also one of my favorites. His Frost Nova + Howling Blast combo is devastating especially against Mechanical teams. Siphon Life is a great spell for self-healing, although it doesn’t seem to scale very well at higher levels. If you do use FN+HB, be aware that you are trading an attack every turn for a hard-hitting combo for 3 turns.

If you have any great tips of your own or if you would like to share your own favorite pets, please comment below!

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  1. I love pet battles! If you haven’t tried a Fluxfire Feline yet Juvenate, then you should :) Something you might find useful is a post I did about power levelling your pet from 1-25 in 8 battles. Useful if you are an achievement hunter!

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