Changes to expect in 5.0

5.0 is around the corner, literally. On August 28th our new class abilities and talents will be rolled out as we make our way closer to the release date. Good News for Druids: Not much has changed for us in the way we heal, but what has changed is definitely for the better. Let’s go over the changes we’ll be expecting on the 28th:

  • New Talent System

5.0 will debut our new talent system which is designed to give players more “choice” and less “cookie-cutter” talents. Whether they accomplished that goal is up for debate. Nonetheless, you will see some new abilities and some familiar ones available. The numbers on the left indicate which level each tier will be unlocked. Obviously the Level 90 Tier won’t be available to us until after the expansion is released.

  • New Glyphs

Along with the updated talent system they are doing a little revision with glyphs. Currently, we have 3 different types of glyphs: Major, Prime, and Minor. “Prime Glyphs” will be eliminated leaving only Major and Minor glyphs available. Major glyphs will be less “mandatory” this expansion and more situational. Minor Glyphs will be cosmetic-only. A full list of available glyphs can be found here.

*Tip: Before 5.0 hits servers make sure to purchase/learn every glyph available for your class. Many of the current useless glyphs will turn into fun/interesting glyphs. Also, glyph prices are expected to skyrocket when the patch hits.

  • Spell Changes

  1. Lifebloom- Duration increased to 15 seconds.
  2. Mastery: Harmony- Duration increased to 20 seconds.
  3. New Spell- Ironbark.
  4. New Spell- Wild Mushroom: Bloom.
  5. Nature’s Cure replaces Remove Corruption.
  6. Revitalize is gone.
  7. Travel Form is now a Stag. Don’t worry, there’s a glyph if you prefer Cheetah.
  8. Many previous glyphs have been baked into our spells as baseline. Ex: Regrowth has the old glyph’s refresh mechanic.
  • The Death of Replenishment and the Importance of Spirit

Replenishment is gone. Intellect will no longer extend our mana pools. At level 85 all healers will have 100k mana (unless you are a Gnome). Currently, Intellect is a better regen as well as throughput stat than Spirit, but in 5.0 that changes. Spirit will be a very important regen stat, so be ready to reforge especially if you are still working on Heroic content.

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