How Juvenate Got His Groove Back

After raiding my first week in the Dragon Soul I’ve felt the sting of the Wild Growth nerf to it’s full effect. It hurt A LOT. Wild Growth was a huge crutch for Resto Druids in Firelands. It was our go-to spell for heavy raid damage and is now just a shadow of it’s former glory. However, all is not lost. With some helpful tips, you can still remain competitive. The difference is that you’ll be working twice as hard for your numbers. Continue reading »

First Look at Dragon Soul: A Resto Druid Perspective

My guild dived into the Dragon Soul on the PTR this week to check out the new bosses. We managed to scrape together 20 people and we pugged 5 more and spent about an hour and a half looking at 2 bosses on 25-man Normal mode. Continue reading »