Do we need a new Mastery?


I ask this question because quite frankly I find Harmony to be one of the most boring healer Masteries available now. It requires absolutely no upkeep with its longer duration. It’s just bonus healing and that bonus healing isn’t even interesting to watch or manage. Continue reading »


Today I want to talk about a couple problems Druids are experiencing while healing in 25-man raids. These experiences are my own experiences and I feel that what I am experiencing resonates with a large portion of the community. I am by no means a hardcore theorycrafter. My guild is 4/6 Normal on 10 and 25-man and I’ve had the privilege of healing in both raid sizes. Continue reading »

My First Impressions as a Level 90 Resto Druid

This post represents my first blog post since the release of Mists of Pandaria. I ended up taking a week off from work (I still had 2 days of school to attend) to level up my Druid and it took about 5 days. As much as I wanted to level as Resto, I couldn’t. When you hit 86 your stats immediately plummet and I realized I was spending way too much time killing one mob at a time. I ended up leveling as Balance (which was also a bit painful) the rest of the way. Continue reading »

What Balance needs to spice things up

Long time no post! I know it’s been a while. Between Diablo III and work I haven’t felt in the mood to blog about WoW lately. I kinda feel like I’m in this lull right now and it’s exactly how I felt at the end of Wrath of the Lich King. I’m just getting really bored of Dragon Soul.

In recent news, my guild is now 5/8 Heroic in 25-man Dragon Soul. We recently killed Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn (in the first 5 pulls we ever did) and are now setting our sights on Heroic Zon’ozz. We are still looking for reliable DPS to add to our ranks, specifically Mages and Warlocks, and any other exemplary DPS are welcome to apply. Continue reading »

Heart of the Whatch-u-want-me-to-do?


Sorry I haven’t been posting more regularly folks! Between work, school, and the fact that the Beta gets updated fairly regularly my drafts become outdated fairly quickly. And before you ask, yes I am in the Beta! I received my invite in the second to last round of invites.


I haven’t had a major chance to test all the abilities realistically other than through some casual questing. I admit I gave up half way to 86 because getting a critical error after every porcupine I killed wasn’t my idea of fun testing, so I’ve taken a break from Beta until the servers can become more stable. However, I am keeping myself updated on Beta patch changes and am providing appropriate feedback through the forums when necessary. Continue reading »