Surviving Patch 5.4

Patch 5.4
Tomorrow is the day! Patch 5.4 will hit Live servers tomorrow (assuming they are on time which they almost never are) and there are a bunch of changes coming our way.


  • Innervate now restores mana based on Spirit. It will restore at least 8% of your mana at all times. You’ll want at least 12,000 Spirit to get the same amount of mana from it as in 5.3.
  • Wild Mushroom is now limited to 1 Mushroom. It is now cast on a player instead of using a targeting circle (there is the Glyph of Sprouting Mushroom which you can use to get the targeting circle back). Moving the mushroom no longer resets the stored healing. It now has a 3 sec CD.
  • Genesis is a new spell learned at level 88. It speeds up applied Rejuvenation spells on players. This is a great spell to use when you have to top players off quickly. I wouldn’t recommend using it in a normal rotation, but instead as a tool to counter burst damage. Rejuv is still really powerful for constant ticking damage, so knowing when and when not to use Genesis will be really beneficial for you and your raid.
  • Living Seed effects can now stack, up to 50% of the casting Druid’s maximum health, and will no longer be consumed if the target is already at full health.
  • Nature’s Swiftness is now baseline. We get a new talent called Ysera’s Gift. Grab it. It’s worth nearly a 5% output increase and requires no input from you.
  • Dream of Cenarius has been redesigned. It now causes Wrath damage to heal a nearby target for 100% of the damage done (think Atonement).
  • Heart of the Wild now increases healing done by 25% for the duration of the cooldown.
  • Nature’s Vigil now increases healing by 12% and procs additionally healing off of single target healing spells (cleave heals). This is a huge buff to the talent and would be my #1 choice for 5.4.
  • Soul of the Forest was buffed yet again to 100% Haste (I have no idea why).
  • Glyph of Efflorescence replaced Glyph of Lifebloom (which was baked in baseline). Glyph of Efflorescence allows your Wild Mushroom to proc the Efflorescence effect and turns Swiftmend into a strong single target heal. This glyph will be mandatory for raiding Druids.

A few things to consider when going into 5.4:

  • 13163 Haste is achievable in Normal gear next tier. The next Rejuv breakpoint (from my own experience) is considered to be an output increase over 3043 + Mastery stacking. I highly recommend going for it. There happens to be a trinket called Prismatic Prison of Pride that makes it a bit easier to obtain.
  • My personal talent build next tier:

5.4 build

  • Swapping between Soul of the Forest and Incarnation will still depend on the encounter, but I’m fairly sure Soul of the Forest will come ahead for most encounters.
  • Nature’s Vigil is flat out better than Heart of the Wild if used on CD. The difference in output contribution is almost 50% in favor of NV.
  • In 5.4 when you get your 4-piece (when utilizing Soul of the Forest) DO NOT THROTTLE WILD GROWTH. For heavy raid damage just continue to cast Wild Growth on cooldown. I’ve done some math and have determined that throttling WG for SM w/4pc is an output loss.
  • In addition, I’ve updated my Gear Guide for 5.4.

If you have any questions feel free to comment here and I’ll do my best to answer them. Other than that, see you in 5.4!

Resto Druid Gear Guide Update

I have updated my Resto Druid Gear Guide for 5.2 and have included boss drops in the new Throne of Thunder raid and the new world boss Oondasta. Take a look!

1-hand Weapon Options in 5.2

A fairly large 5.2 PTR build just dropped with a complete list of weapon options. I’ve been using Wowhead’s comparison tool to calculate which weapons will be BiS for Resto Druids. I’ve tinkered a bit with the stat weightings and made them as realistic as possible.


The picture above lists our available 1-hand Spirit options (these are 522 ilvl which are Normal-mode versions). In the Throne of Thunder we will have 2 Mace options, 1 Dagger, and for the first time in QUITE a while, a FIST weapon (hooray!).

*Be aware there is a non-Spirit Dagger that is available, but the tooltip for the Normal version is not accurate to the stats of the Heroic and Raid Finder versions. I’ll have to research this at a later date.

The stat weightings I used were:

Intellect- 100

Spellpower- 85

Haste (pre-3043 BP)- 80

Spirit- 75

Mastery- 55

Crit- 50

As you can see Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne comes out ahead of our other options which are actually all quite even in stat allocation. It has significantly more Intellect while our other options have more secondary stats.

Personally, I think the Fist weapon has the best-looking model with Torall coming in second. The lightning they emit would look great with our T11 gear if you have a set laying around. I’m not really thrilled about the other 2 models.

Incoming in 5.2: Wild Mushroom:Bloom Changes

Wild mushroom
Wild Mushroom is getting some much needed attention on the PTR. A new Build just went up and the spell is getting some interesting tweaks to make it more attractive to use. Restoration now has it’s own section on the tooltip: Continue reading »

Gotta Catch’em All!


One of my favorite things to do in WoW when I’m not raiding is Pet Battles. I have literally become obsessed with them. The “Gotta catch’em all!” concept is really strong with me as I usually won’t leave a particular area until every single pet (that is obtainable through battling) is caught. Today I want to go over some basic info, some cool Pet Battle Addons, and some of my favorite pets to battle with. Continue reading »