A Second Look at Mists of Pandaria Resto Druid Talents

Blizzard has now given us a glimpse of the new (and old) talents that will be available to us in the new Mists of Pandaria expansion. Overall, I’m fairly impressed with what they’ve done with Restoration Druids so far. While we have lost some of our offensive abilities, we have gained some pretty powerful defensive ones to compensate.

Before we break down the talents, I think it’s best to understand that Blizzard has now split all the spells between CLASS and SPEC talents. Class talents can be learned by any Druid while Spec talents require you to be specialized in that particular role.

So what does this mean for Resto? Well for starters, Resto Druids can say goodbye to Starfire and Insect Swarm. They are now exclusively Balance spells now and require you to be talented as a Balance Druid to get them.

Here’s a chart of our abilities that I created:

If you don’t see your favorite ability, DON’T PANIC. There’s quite a few errors and bugs in the current system (Ex: Priests are missing Prayer of Healing). Resto’s are losing a few offensive abilities and a major self-defensive ability, but in return we are gaining more healing abilities and 2 defensive cooldowns, one personal and the other being more versatile.

There are a few familiar abilities that we currently have, and their overall mechanics might not have changed that much. But, Blizzard has baked in current glyphs and secondary effects via talents into the ability’s baseline effect.

For example: Swiftmend now has Efflorescence baked in as a baseline effect. This means Resto Druids will have access to an AoE ground effect heal starting at level 10. The mechanic isn’t any different from live. It’s convenient because you get the benefit of Efflorescence without having to spec into it.

Another example is Regrowth. The spell itself is unchanged, however, it now has Glyph of Regrowth baked in as a baseline effect. Currently, most Druids don’t take Glyph of Regrowth, so I consider this a nice convenience and an added benefit to the spell.

What I’m most excited about is the implementation of Symbiosis, our new Level 87 ability available to all Druids. Symbiosis gives Druids the ability to “copy” a particular ability from another class, and in return, the other class gets a “copy” of one of our spells. It lasts for an hour and persists through death.

Now, to make Symbiosis successful and useful for Druids there will likely be only one available spell per spec/class that might be available for us. If not, we would end up spending time “fishing” (per Lissanna) for the spell that we want and that’s just inconvenient. It will have to be easy to use. Healers will likely want to use it on other healers. DPS on other DPS, Bears on other tanks.

Overall I’m very excited about Mists of Pandaria Druids. Yes our last 2 tiers of our talent tree are still not the best they could be, but I know the Druid community is on the Devs case about that. The removal of certain abilities doesn’t really change PvE that much, but will have a major impact on PvP Druids. I hope that the additional defensive cooldowns and healing abilities make up for our small selection of offensive abilities.

What do you think about the new spells? And what’s your opinion on Symbiosis?

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  1. It’s nice to see a new tree blog available and I will try to get the word out.

    Overall, I have mixed feeling about what they are doing with Druid. At this point in time I will just reserve judgment.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I have to agree. We won’t really have a good idea of what they want for the Druid class until Beta opens. I’ll be putting up some videos once Beta becomes available.

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